Edgeless Dev. Update #4: Key milestones and launch

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DEV. UPDATE #4 : Key milestones and launch

Key milestones

Black Jack back end - 100% finished

Dice back end - 100% finished

Lounge Lottery back end - 100% finished

New Edgeless branding - 50% finished

New Edgeless game UI - 50% finished

Casino license and RNG certification - 25% finished

Key programming challenges we solved/working on:

RNG speed is one of the main problems for all ETH casinos. We have managed to optimise our randomness generation to such a level that a regular player won’t even see a different of a blockchain decentralised RNG and centralised RNG when it comes to the speed of randomness generation.

Smart contract gas price — due to a heavily increased ETH price, gas costs went significantly high. One of the possible ways to get rid of this problem is to wait for an Ethereum Metropolis update; however, we don’t want to be dependent on that since the date for the update is unknown.

Instead, we are working on our own solution and smart contract optimisation.

Expected full platform launch on the mainnet.

As we outlined on a white paper, the full platform will be launched in a Q3. It will have Black Jack, Dice, and Lounge Lottery, a new design, a casino license and proper gambling limits.

At the moment, we cannot announce a concrete date because it depends how fast we will manage to get the casino license, and licensing in a casino industry is a relatively long process.

Are you 100% confident that you will get one?

Yes, almost every bitcoin casino has one. Also, we are working with lawyers who already managed to acquire countless casino licenses.

Why is casino license is such a big deal? There are other ETH casinos launching without a license.

One of our key target markets is fiat gamblers. In order to target this market, a casino license is a must. Secondly, it provides an access to the fiat gambling industry infrastructure and services. Another important aspect is strategic partnerships (this will soon be updated). Without a proper legal basis, it is way much harder to make some serious co-operations.

Edgeless global

The Edgeless project has a significantly increased interest in South Korea with a private community of more than 1000 people who are actively engaged with the project.

The Edgeless Korean community website is edgeless.kr

Current infrastructure of the token:

You could always check the EDG token position and value on http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/edgeless/#charts

You could exchange (buy or sell) tokens on

- Bitrexx

- Liqui

- Changelly

- Decentrex

- EtherDelta

- CryptoDerivatives

- Tidex

- ShapeShift

And you can hold all the $EDG tokens in

- Parity

- Jaxx

- imToken

- Mist

- MyEtherWallet

If you see that the transaction is lost or you want to check all your transactions, you could do this on https://etherscan.io/token/Edgeless

Some other important updates:

According to Bloomberg calculations, so far the EDG token provided the largest ROI for its early investors from all Ethereum ICOs — see https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-05/digital-coins-are-making-bitcoin-s-rip-roaring-rally-appear-tame

Congratulations to all bounty participants: 100% bounty is paid to bounty participants.

Within the additional bounty pool, large contributors were contracted personally and we sent them a share of EDG tokens. Additional bounty was distributed for such large tasks as reddit communication management, PR coordination and more.

There will be no more bounty payouts and no more bounty updates. The Bounty program is now officially closed.

Some people send real ETH to our beta testing contract. There is a tutorial on how to return your ETH: https://medium.com/@tomasdraksas/for-people-who-are-sending-real-eth-to-our-beta-games-a17276f8ef66

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