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Edgeless achievements after the launch

Update after the launch of 0.1

Almost two weeks after the launch and we are sharing the achievements that have been done.

0.1 Edgeless statistics after the launch

1600+ users registered8000+ logins95 000 + games played on ropsten76 000+ games played on main net50+ bugs found and working on200+ feedback forms received800+ support requests solved

Bug fixes:

moved all IT infrastructure to a more powerful serveraccount blocking issue fixed so, now your account won’t be blocked after writing incorrect passwordtransaction denial problem fixed and players could receive the ropsten or real tokens after registeringgas bug fixed — so now, players won’t loose the money because of the stopped transactionsall the “800” members could finally get their tokens and play on main net — all the e-mails from the list are approvederror with parsing the results from etherscan is fixed


Feel free to register and try out our 0% house edge Black Jack!

The ropsten version is available for everyone!

And after the game, leave feedback — https://goo.gl/forms/atRUbTtJQoYpNPc63


Since conferences attracts a lot of key personas from gambling industry, Edgeless is arranging some participation in few of them:

EiG 2017: Edgeless is planned to be one of the speakers in the panel about blockchain technology and decentralization. So, if the discussion with organizers goes well, on the 1st of November Edgeless will be participating in http://www.eigexpo.com/Sigma’17: Edgeless is once more planned to participate in the discussion panel. Since Sigma is one of the biggest gambling events happening this quarter with 7000+ attendees and most of the casinos and partners will be there, Edgeless team is coming to participate and arrange meetings for possible future contracts. 22–25 of November https://maltaigamingsummit.com/

Finally, the last week Edgeless has participated in the podcast, ...

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