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Unable to use my wallet.dat with Lynx

Hello guys, ​ I bought ECC in 2017/2018 then i backuped my wallet.dat in a 7z file and in the cloud. In the past, i alreaydy re-mount my wallet and the old Qt wallet whitout issue. ​ Since my laptop was wiped, i downloaded the latest lynx wallet and putted my wallet.dat. The wallet start then close, and in the log, it's writte : ​ 2020-10-02 09:22:28 Error reading wallet database: LoadCryptedKey failed 2020-10-02 09:22:28 Wallet Error: Error loading wallet.dat: Wallet corrupted ​ \> i'm 100 sure my wallet is not corrupted. \> What can i do ? Go back to old Qt wallet ? I don't find any link to download it. ​ Anyone an help me to recover my wallet since i now it's not corrupted ( 7z file on the cloud). ​ Thanks a lot guys,
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