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“There Are No Secrets To Success”

There Are No Secrets To Success

from the ECC Team

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.” — Colin Powell

Success is no accident and there are no secrets to it. It is something that takes time, skill and often trial and error. These are all things which ECC and its development and marketing team have endured through time and time again, and continue to use as fuel for future successes. From the re-brand to the release of Sapphire to preparing for the upcoming release of ANS, this team has undoubtedly shown a loyalty and persistence to ECC that most would love to see in all cryptocurrency projects.

Like any emerging technology things take time and sometimes longer than one’s patience. As the ECC team keeps striving to get the Sapphire features and network services released we just ask that people keep in mind that all of this is new technology that has not been done before so it will take time. But please rest assure that the team is hard at work, and if you ever doubt that feel free to check the Github or ask one of the devs or marketing team members yourself inside of Discord.

Dev Update

Dylan, @dolaned, and @bkcrypto have been combing away at Sapphire and ANS and things are looking quite AMAZING! This release has been anticipated for quite some time now so they are going through the code making sure to dot every “i” and cross every “t” to ensure as seamless of a release as possible.

2 Million and Counting

ECC is getting close to reaching a pretty big milestone that everyone can surely be proud of. We will officially cross the 2 millionth block mark around the end of next week which goes to show the longevity of ECC’s blockchain.

Who’s ready for the next 2 million?

Proof of Concept…SUCCESS!

Griff, @Griffith, successfully completed a proof of concept centered around the multi-chain aspect of ECC over this past weekend. This means that the side chains that will hold all of the the data in regards to the file storage and private messaging network services are well within the scope of possibility and can begin to be developed when the time is right.

Oh…and the future SPV wallets are looking good also. *wink wink*

Marketing Update

As we all know, ANS is almost here and we want to be able to tell the crypto world about it in a way that is easy to capture one’s attention and speaks volumes in terms of quality.

With that being said, ECC is teaming up with Video4Commerce to debut a marketing video that goes along with the release of ANS. For this we require the help of the community. A video of this quality does not come cheap and we are asking for the help of the ECC community to make this video possible. This requires a donation of 0.5 BTC, which we already have recieved over 0.1 BTC of, and can be seen on the donate page of the ECC website. Look for Marketing Video under the community goals section. Thanks all of the awesome #ECCfamily who has and plans to donate towards this goal. Your help is highly appreciated.

700,000 ECC Awarded to #WWSS Winners

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful 50 word “What Would Satoshi Say?” submissions, and congratulations to our 3 winners!

The answer with the top community votes goes to Euan Griffith, @euan_griffith on Twitter. Euan wins 500,000 ECC for his answer to the following question about governmental regulation.

Q: Is governmental regulation of cryptocurrencies a good thing for the crypto space overall?

A: While regulation may ultimately prove necessary for mass adoption, it is important to remember that the cryptosphere is community-driven, and regulation should come from within, rather than without.

Euan raises an important question. Many aspects that are holding crypto back at the moment, such as market manipulation and poorly executed ICOs, could be alleviated with regulation. The question is, would we rather let our governments do this for us, or could we take matters into our own hands as a community? Time will tell.

Our runners up are with the second and third most votes are Jonha Richman, @JonhaRichman and @UtopiaMaximist respectively. They each receive 100,000 ECC for their top answers. Both of their top answers and several others from Euan Griffith will be published in the upcoming “What Would Satoshi Say?” report by ECC. We will be in touch with the winners soon to send them their ECC coins.

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