[DSLA-IP0] [SLA] DSLA-Backed Roadmap

DSLA ProtocolDSLA Protocol
self.Stacktical1m ago
*💡 DSLA's approach to integrated risk management enables the downside-protected delivery of goods, services and digital assets without intermediaries. Learn more at* [*stacktical.com*](https://stacktical.com/)*.* This proposal is for enacting a new Service Level Agreement (SLA), between the DSLA core development team and DSLA community members. Within the framework of this Service Level Agreement, the DSLA core development team shall commit to the timely release of DSLA-based product until 12/31/2022—and compensate DSLA utility token holders upon failing to deliver a DSLA-based product on time—as per the official roadmap displayed on [stacktical.com](https://stacktical.com/), the core development team website. On top of improving DSLA's own SLA compliance capabilities, this proposal acts as research material for a Deadline SLA template for DSLA Protocol. Please cast your vote at [https://snapshot.org/#/dsla.eth/proposal/0xd117bef5d602d04ad4f6868341dc81f6e7e8b58350d0ab95bd71673c3e5b3cf0](https://snapshot.org/#/dsla.eth/proposal/0xd117bef5d602d04ad4f6868341dc81f6e7e8b58350d0ab95bd71673c3e5b3cf0) and discuss the proposal here. ⚡️