you'd think this wouldn't be so difficult.. help would be nice. Trying to transfer from multidoge (which may just be lost lol).


So, I got into dogecoin back in the day more for just a fun thing to screw around with.

So I just logged into my multidoge wallets (account? Application on my laptop?).. anyway so turns out I did pretty well. (Luckily I still had my multidoge PWs written down)

From screwing around with the old "faucet" sites for lile 2 weeks, at current price of doge I have roughly $1000 USD worth. I'd like to cash out on some of that (and still hold a bit because who knows) and buy some silver or something.

I'm not really a crypto guy, aside from multidoge I have a coinbase account with a bit of BTC in it. Tried to send it to coinbase, no dice, then again I have no idea what I'm doing.

Is there some kind of realativly easy way to do this? It's such a headache.

Idk, any advice would be nice. Whether it is getting it to coinbase to cash out some of it, or to something else where I can easily (and safely) turn it into usd and get it in my bank account so I can buy same damn silver or gold lol.

P.S. This is why I like tangible assets, they are easy to transact in lol.

P.P.S. but ya,any help would be nice. Did a bit of googling and looking around on reddit and saw either what seemed like Greek to me, or just "oh great more accounts to make to mayne cash this in).

Idk, it's very frustrating. I'm not a tech guy, not a big crypto guy so I just dont know wtf I'm doing here.

Much thanks to anyone that can help, and if you do lead me to getting dollars I'll tip you in some doge or BTC or something.