Wokz Exchange - Decentralized Exchange Powered by Zero-Knowledge Technology - Smart Staking Featured - Utility in place - Verified Contract.


Wokz Exchange - Decentralized Exchange Powered by Zero-Knowledge Technology - Smart Staking Featured - Utility in place - Verified Contract.

What is Wokz Exchange ?

Wokz Exchange is a decentralized non-custodial order book exchange, powered by zk-rollups. This allows our users to seamlessly and securely trade with near-zero fees all while providing centralized exchange like quotes on all size trades. We also aim to provide the flawless functionality, experience and optimal liquidity centralized exchanges do all while being fully decentralized.

What are ZK Rollups ?

ZK-Rollups are one of the options being developed for layer 2 construction to increase the scalability of Ethereum. All funds are held by a smart contract on the mainchain, while computation and storage are performed off-chain. The main idea is that instead of verifying each transaction separately, transactions are "rolled up" to a single item (the rollup block), which is then being verified, approving all them simultaneously.

What is zkSync ?

zkSync is a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost payments on Ethereum, powered by zkRollup technology. It uses zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain data availability to keep users' funds as safe as though they never left the mainnet.

How can I start using Wokz Exchange ?

To start using Wokz Exchange , you will first have to connect your Web3 wallet to our application. You’ll then have to bridge funds over and activate your zkSync account, this includes a one-time transaction of roughly ~10$. To do so head over to Wokz Exchange Bridge or zkSync bridge.

Nonce Mismatch

Occasionally a ‘nonce mismatch’ error can come up when placing an order, resulting in a rejected order. This does not result in deducted gas or trading fees. Simply place the order again.

Trading pairs not loading

f your trading pairs are not loading/visible, simply refresh the page. This issue may occur if you’re not able to connect to the backend.

Wokz Exchange L2 DEX

The Wokz Exchange platform offers decentralized trading with negligible fees.

StarkNet - Alpha

Wokz Exchange will launch on Ethereum's L2 StarkNet. StarkNet's vision brings massive scalability to Ethereum, while preserving L1 security, permissionless transactions and decentralization.


Wokz Exchange launched on zkSync 1.0. zkSync is an L2 scaling and privacy engine on Ethereum. Its current functionality scope includes low gas transfers on the Wokz Exchange DEX.

Wokz Exchange Token

Wokz Exchange 's token is a native protocol token and aggregates all fees paid into the Wokz Exchange protocol.

Contract Address: 0x318C1FB6533636Fc5B9d1F130438ABbdfF9fBa08

Website: http://wokz.tech/