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Who's blocking the softfork?

I'm curious if anyone's figured out who's blocking the soft fork? Individually, the pool associated with **DQkiL71KkuGEgS9QFCKJkBeHmzM5YFYGkG** seems to be doing most of the mining that's not associated with v4. There's also a ton of additional addresses which all appear to be recently created mining v3 blocks. These new addresses only mine for a short period of time before changing address to a new address (as visualized by []( There was previously another address that mined a significant number of total blocks (\~3% or so), but that pool seems to have been replaced by this cycling address pool. It's almost as if someone is attempting to obscure the fact that there's only two parties that are attempting to prevent activation. But why? In order to accumulate more and eventually manipulate dogecoin at the same time as activating the softfork? Or is there another reason why someone would not which these features to be activated?
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