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Trying to figure out what happened to my coins.

Hi So, I mined some dogecoin back in 2014. In 2017 I looked ensure my coins were safe. At the time i upgraded the dogecoin core wallet to 1.6 and did a full sync. Then I backed up my wallet.dat and that was that. So now I've come to look at this again (the computer has been in storage for 3 years). I've upgraded the dogeclient to 1.8.3 and I've noticed something odd. In my dogecoin client I have 1 address under 'much receiving address' and 1 address under 'much sending address'. My wallet shows multiple transactions from my receiving address to my sending address in 2017. Indeed, when I check the block chain explorer against both addresses, my receiving address has 0 and my sending address has all the coins in there. I can dump the private key to for my receiving address but not my sending address where the coins are. The only things I can think of is that a) I did something stupid in 2017 that I've forgotten about or b) The original ssd had a bunch of bad sectors on it when I fired it up and I had to clone it to another ssd, maybe there is some corruption in the wallet.dat file. I have a backup on a separate disk in storage that i'm going to retrieve soon. Any suggestions on what's happened would be appreciated :) Thanks Edit - thinking about this some more I guess it's possible I consolidated the coins in to a new wallet that I don't have the .dat for as from what I can tell the 'much sending' addresses are just ones you've sent to?
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