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To those who want to push the price up to a $1.

By using hype to push the price up, don't be surprised or/and angry when price drops down back to where it started. The $1 mark is unreachable, however... breaking all logic even if you did manage to push it to $1, there is nothing to hold it back up there. People will be dumping it "to make a profit". There is no economic support to keep dogecoin at $1, only those who bought it now would make money but millions of people who would buy at the last leg to get it to that price would lose out entirely. All for what? So you can make a profit? meaning you want to make dollars or whatever your fiat currency is. Which means all the hype about "bring the banks down", "the current financial system is unfair", "economic freedom" et al... all that is meaningless to you, you don't really believe in that. All you are doing is using those quotes as a sales pitch just to hype up more people to jump on so they can lose their hard earned money. It does not matter if the pump & dump is made by some nefarious groups like the ones who did the TikTok PnD, or seemingly innocent fun by people like Musk. **When the price goes up based on pure hype, the price will drop back down** Such pump and dumps are detrimental to the long term health of crypto and specially dogecoin. Not to mention the thousands if not millions of new people who get onto cryptos for all the wrong reasons. Again, if you still want to take part in trying to make a few dollars, then don't come back here angry when it will sooner than later drop down again, because there is no economic support to keep the price up that high. **1Ɖ = 1Ɖ**
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