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To all the dogecoin people who actually believe in it and are not here for quick buck and I want to give you some confidence.

I have been watching Ross, and there are many exciting projects getting planned for dogecoin. We are not labelled as some killer coin. Rather we are consistently trying to better ourself with new usecases and now are hiring people, so that they don't have to worry PAYING THEIR RENT!! Doge ethereum bridge Doge mobile app Easy way to integrate doge with paying Doge NFTs and so much more!!! Also there is a legal team behind doge discussing how to properly plan it's revenue stream. All we need is patience and organic growth. We were stuck at 20 cents, now we are stuck at 23 cents. If you actually believe in it, hold it and I definitely believe it will not disappoint. Just a quick thing, Elon has 60.5 million followers and only follows 105 people. And you which crypto he follows DOGECOIN!! and you know who he follows DOGECOIN_DEVS. He doesn't even follow bitcoin, which Jack Dorsey follows. It's good he doesn't tweets about it. That way he is not making us retail investors loose money on FOMO and favour those pumpers and dumpers. I believe in Dogecoin and I hope everyone in this reddit does!!
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