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This is the turning point, we need help from more people running their computers clicking if we want to win the contest for the Doge Castle.

​ [We are trying to win a castle and name it Doge Castle. But we need more people helping to win against the top players. The contest ends January 18th. This is day 3, we still have 4 days to go. This is the turning point. If we can get people to upvote this and help us raise awareness of this cause, we can still win.]( []( Our username is dogecoin. We have posted a few threads so far explaining how to get involved and help, so I won't post all the instructions here again. **This will be the last post unless we can drum up more support and send our click rate higher.** I don't want to obsess over this and try to make it happen if it's not going to happen, so I will be supporting people in getting involved until the end of the contest, but if we don't have more than 10 new people join in the next 24 hours, then I think we are going to have a very difficult time winning. The top people are pulling away from us slowly, because their click rate is accelerating higher faster than ours. If you want to help, please make a posting and upvote, to help bring more eyeballs to our cause. I really, truly believe that dogecoin is the community to win this contest and claim a castle to call Doge Castle. Thanks so much all you shibes who have believed in this cause already and still have your clickers going even now, you are all so sweet for being part of this contest with me. I will continue monitoring my auto clickers on all 5 of my computers until the contest is over at 12:00 on January 18th. Previous update post and how to get involved: [\_castle\_day\_3\_update\_we\_only\_need\_68x\_more/](
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