This is for all those saying my T.I setup is fake and that I drew them.


I like day trading/swing trading doge. Disagree if you'd like but its fun and relatively safe on the wallet.

Different time frames showing the same T.I layout I use. Due to the nature of how the T.Is are setup however they only work for me and what I use them for on the smaller time frames as I day trade on swings. You can't judge anyone for the way they set their T.Is up and say that it is wrong just because you fail to understand what that person sees in the data it relays. The green means good! The red means bad! The white means watch me carefully, The yellow says watch me less carefully, The orange dot line says I am average price and here is where I am right now.

T.Is aren't meant for others to understand... It is only a way for individual people to set up something so that they themselves can see the data the way they want to interpret it. Btw I am at 85% accuracy now. Not 84%. So I have nailed enough successful gaining trades to raise my overall percentile. Screw what anyone says because this is proof for myself that my setup works for me. If your setup works for you, Great! We are both making coin out of thin air and I am happy for you!