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There's big, billionaire conspiracy to take down Dogecoin and crypto as a whole with regulations

At first I thought it's just one guy trying to pump his random coin(see Arthur Hayes article: []( ), but then I saw more and more people jumping into new coin and I started connecting the dots. Some of you might already knew about Greyscale or Kucoin shorting Doge in May and causing it's price to drop, or Elon Musk suddenly causing BTC to crash(and Dogecoin with it), but it was only the begining. Now they want new coin that they market as "one that will bonk Doge" to create meltdown in the crypto market and spark the need for regulations. Here's some of that involvement illustrated here: []( There's no way all these people decided to just get into some coin out of nowhere without big plan for it. There are even "mysterious donors" in their community that literally buy billboard ads in NY (see: []( and there's more and more coming in Australia, Germany, even in London. Something like that doesn't just pop up organically, it's all planned. Nothing is like it seems. We need to spread awareness of this to whole crypto community, because it's not only attack again the Dogecoin, it's attack on whole crypto itself! Also, there's Bill Gates. Please help me spread awareness about this.
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