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The Soldier with the right type of Short Fuse-CRYPTOFUSE

When researching Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the internet one must go from link to link, website to website and so on to get to the place and the information that you require to form the proper basis for any article that one is working on. It was on a journey like this that I happened to meet a guy called Andrew Wayne Couch in a Telegram room and we got to chatting. I was of course trying to promote my website and he told me that he was new to Crypto. Here I was thinking that I could help him get to know all about Crypto and Blockchain, he played along with me and we swapped website details and after I checked his site out I realized this was no ordinary guy who I was talking to and low and behold he happened to be the CEO and founder of He then went on to explain the concept behind his company and when he told me that his technology could work offline as well as online, it didn't take me long to realize I was speaking to someone who not only was extremely intelligent but someone who could affect how future transactions of Cryptocurrency will be completed as his technology will allow customers to complete these transactions both online and offline, something which as of writing I haven't seen or believe there is such a process that allows users to exchange authorized digital currency without an internet connection anywhere in the world. ### The Cryptofuse Hardware **SHORT FUSE** The Short Fuse is built to operate without an internet connection--Imagine here that two users who are either not able to or not wanting to have an internet connection but want to transfer some digital currency, well they can if they are both n possession of a short fuse, where they plug the short fuse into a laptop for example and on screen they will see an option that will allow the transfer of digital currency.The short fuse application also verifies the transaction, updates each local device to show the new balance and micro mines the currency t...
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