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Thank you to this community, a year later

Many years ago, probably around 2015, I talked my dad into buying a bunch of dogecoins, as had I. A few days before Christmas on 2017, my dad had a stroke which lead to many sleepless nights of my mom and I taking care of him, along with an expensive sitter that would make sure he didn't leave the house. To make things worse he had sundown syndrome, which would mean that during the morning or later afternoon he would lose his sense of where he was which caused a lot of difficulty, loss of sleep, frustration and emotional pain, especially for me at the time working night shifts. This went on for 9 months and as the medical bills piled up from other problems relating to cancers they found and surgeries that had to be done, we also discovered the house had a massive water leak. One day I remembered my dad's dogecoin wallet and was able to sell some dogecoins and give my mom a substantial check to fix the house. This was done about a year ago to the month and I wanted to thank this community from the bottom of my heart. If this board has any charities or projects I can donate to, please let me know and thank you again!
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