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stop asking about Dogecoin no cap; BTC has diminishing returns and other problems

[]( ​ []( []( []( ​ I not a smart shiba, but annoys much at the constant BTC no cap and "value" comments. in summary, BTC will hit a wall of diminishing returns when there's no incentive to keep the blockchain once all coins have been mined. purely transaction fees will not maintain the currency because the cost of ledger computational power will get increasingly prohibitive when you're down to micro, pico and femto levels of BTC units. BTC is not comparable to gold! Gold can be stored and retain its quantity depending on proton decay models. BTC needs to be constantly computed and will eventually hit a wall of prohibitively expensive ledgers to maintain and thus a central tenet of currency needing to circulate to be viable. ​ in some sense, an "inflationary" crypto is good because it incentivizes miners to keep the ledger going. with reasonable amounts of loss, the coin needs to be replaced and realistically there is no such thing as infinite amount of any crypto because you're still subject to the laws of physics and energy extraction from the universe. that means, "unlimited" cryptocoins still have a soft cap of sorts and won't devalue itself given limited computational time and energy. Also, dogecoin ledger is fast so that means it can be more easily used as a circulating currency than BTC once it becomes prohibitively expensive to maintain the ledger. ​ [](https://i0.wp.c...
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[for sale] 100mh Scrypt miner - will mine doge

Mine litecoin, doge, defcoin, etc 100mh asic Scrypt miner from way back, had it mailed to me from eastern washington, shipping label is 2015. Never bothered to get it running. Has a raspberry pie...