Space fans. I know that some of you will listen to me. Because right now, we are going to the moon whether we like it or not. So put on those moon boots.

self.dogecoin1m ago
Strapped them on good and tight. Get into your seats and put the seat belt on too. The rocket that we are going to ride has a beautiful skylight so we can observe the Earth getting smaller and smaller behind us, as the moon grows in its illustrious light! This is the Doge rocket that we have all bought tickets on. Whether you have one Doge or 10 Doges or just a half a Doge. It is enough for you to be a Shibe. And together we will all ride the moon rocket. And when we arrive, we will toast our drinks to all the amazing wonderful people who made the successful mission possible. We will all have that giddy sensation deep in our chests too. We will think, wow I was right! Wow, all the people who said I was wrong ... They were wrong! And now, I am reaping the fruits of my dogged determination and stick-to-it-ness that led me to this incredible celebration on the moon. TO THE MOON AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!