Something that just comes to mind

self.dogecoin12d ago
Rember how a few years ago when people made jokes about storming area 51? All just part of a joke that brought everyone together. Yet there are so many fools who would act as if all those people were actually planning on raiding area-51. I feel that is the same thing with dogecoin at times. We all know that we can't predict the future and some of us ask questions that others would assume or "pretend" are implying something else along the lines. This is a strong wholesome community that just likes to share a few laughs and hope for the best. This whole lawsuit thing with Elon is bugging me. How many of us are going to get pulled into court because someone shared a meme that someone who fakes being nigheve would say "that's hype!" It's not "hype" it's a group of people talking about an old meme. Yes dogecoin is a crypto but it's also a meme. The entire thing started as a joke. What makes it even funnier is that a old meme has came back from the dead, made a bunch of people rich, may or may not make more people rich (I don't know I'm not a time traveler), and most importantly...brought a bunch of people together who probably wouldn't bother talking to each other. We got something to talk about and that brought us all here to this sub reddit. I can imagine seeing layers much like Amber Heard asking people questions as if they were trying to manipulate the market. Literally people passing memes. 🤦