Significantly increase the faucet payout (Bag of Doge)!


In case you missed my post yesterday, I recently relaunched Bag of Doge (but only the faucet part). If you're not aware, a faucet is a way to help new shibes out by giving a few doges to get started.

Anyways, I decided the increase it to output on average 0.01 doge. Since a payout requires 0.1 doge (because of transaction fees), you can easily get a payout in a single day.

There's no catch, no account creation necessary! You just need to provide a Dogecoin address and that's it! I put ads on the website to help keep the lights on, but that's it :) If you're feeling generous, feel free to contribute to the faucet, 100% of the funds will be used for the faucet.

To the moon!