Rules, Rules, Rules - Community Discussion about the upcoming Dogecoin Birthday Art Contest

7D Ago
Hi all, GoodShibe here! I wanted to open a community discussion about how the community would like to see [this contest]( run. The theme of the Contest is **"The Power of Wow"** One of the ideas that had come up was to do community voting via DOGE - every submission would get its own wallet/QR code and be posted on a webpage where Shibes can vote for their favorite with DOGE. Every entry would, no matter what, receive whatever DOGE they had given to them via votes and the final vote tallys would count for 50% of the final score. The other 50% would come from a panel of 3-5 judges (not yet chosen) who would rank each entry from 1-10 on various criteria (to be discussed). Thoughts on this approach? I had considered having an entry fee to try and increase the overall prize pool but after thinking about it, I would like to allow everyone to enter, even if they've never had any DOGE before (this could be a great opportunity for them to get their first-ever Dogecoins). What do you think about this approach? Trying to make it fair while also keeping voting shenanigans to a minimum. Much Love, Goodshibe