reasons I am excited for future of Dogecoin


reasons I am excited for future of Dogecoin

- Binance funder of Twitter purchase for $500 million

- Twitter integration coming to Twitter (why else would Binance invest $500 million into a company that is going private and being removed from stock market)?

- Crypto twitter integration used to combat bots (in talks) which Elon really wants to remove bots

- Fate loves irony

- Dogecoin almost made it to $1 before, before this massive news and supportive evidence for its future

- Twitter is the "townsquare" of the entire worlds conversation (as stated by Elon in past tweet), and if there is a world townsquare, one currency must be used, hence crypto, and hence Elon's favorite (Doge).

- All of this massive news and rising of doge can be 1. insiders with knowledge of future boom 2. people quick to the news, because technically nothing has taken place besides behind the scenes stuff. unless you read an article a few days ago, no one knew Binance was backing Twitter and still most people don't.

- And lastly, to become a slumdoge millionare would be absolutely hilarious and a great story for the rest of our lives.

LFG gentlemen.