Putting a doge coin on the moon

self.dogecoin1m ago
When is the last time we did anything ridiculous and fun around here? It's beyond a long shot, but an Electron rocket is 7.5 million. That's 200kg to the moon if I understand it right. No ride sharing we get the whole thing. We could crowd fund a simple reflector on the moon with a doge coin symbol on it. If that's not possible could also just send a crash lander with a simple repeater on it and a doge wallet on a drive with a couple of coins. It's going to probably cost more then just the rocket launch of course, but right now this looks like the cheapest way to put a doge coin on the moon without getting into ride sharing. I'm not a rocket scientist by any stretch, or someone that knows a lot about rocketry. Would any other shibes have comments on the viability of such a project? (Cheaper options, better companies, etc..) Would there be something scientifically worth while for a lunar lander or reflector we could do? I'm just trying to get an idea I've had for a while out there.