Peeling back the onion of the twitter crypto wallet story.

Peeling back the onion of the twitter crypto wallet story.

Peeling back the onion of the twitter crypto wallet story.

Serious post time.

TL;DR - it's a story without a source that would be meaningless even if it had a source.

Okay - so we know one of the principles of a successful influence operation is to have story come from multiple sources. The more outlets reporting, the more credible the story seems to most people. And this story is everywhere - but every version of the story is just a cut and paste of the coindesk story

But that's when you need to look for the original source.

Okay so we start at coindesk - famed for loving doge (/s !) -

It (helpfully) gives platformer as it's source.

But there's no source for the platformer story! It provides a link that makes the quick reader believe there is a source -- but that link isn't a source! It's just a link to yet another unsourced story suggesting that a crypto wallet might indeed come sometime in the future!

So three links in from the coinbase story we have: nothing. nada.

All we have is someone saying stuff on the internet - a story as good as anything you read on reddit.

Or worse than a reddit rando because this pretends to be news.

But let's just say it's true. Perhaps the wallet is on pause. Do you really think Musk is giving up on doge? He has a doge. His kid has a miner. He posts doge memes constantly. He even posts twitter doge memes. He lurves doge. Something doge related is going to happen at twitter. Full stop.

Oh! Before I go, did I mention that this story is spreading so quickly because coindesk is seen as credible source? Remember who owns coindesk? Oh yeah - the guy who really, really hates doge. The guy who organized the DOGE short: Barry Silbert.

Oh wait! Just one more thing - the story even tells you that this is nothing but an unconfirmed rumor:

At the time of publication, Twitter had not responded to a CoinDesk request for comment about its plans for the crypto wallet.

But, hey, that didn't stop them from publishing because unconfirmed rumors are good enough for coindesk!