oWaW Wednesday - #18 - Side-step, two-step

oWaW Wednesday - #18 - Side-step, two-step

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Hey all, GoodShibe here!

The market's out there pushing things around and Dogecoin's been no exception. It's always fun to watch the energy rising around the sub as the numbers start to turn green, but please make sure not to get too lost in the moment. Making big, last-ditch moves and trying to grab the rocket as it appears to be lifting off can be a great way to get burned if you're not careful. People who bought when Doge was kissing 9.1 and 8.8 cents earlier this week are essentially left sitting on their hands until some other big move happens.

It's easy to get excited and go into full-on FOMO mode but please try and keep your head about you and, of course, only risk what you're willing to lose.

Much Love,


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