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Much DX! Blocknet NMC for DOGE Decentralized Trade Across Blockchains

**Note: Default to 1080p to see the small text clearly**

Namecoin and Dogecoin trade on the Blocknet Decentralized Exchange testnet featuring the XBridge technology. Using Windows 10, the trade across blockchains is completed effortlessly! This video shows what goes on behind the scenes of the future Blocknet DX User Interface once it's completed and released in the near future!

**Trading fees and Block allocation amounts are for testing purposes only - actual fee amounts will be refactored in the main-net launch!**

For a more thorough explanation of the trading process, watch this video:

Litecoin + Syscoin trade: - LTC/SYS
Litecoin + Dynamic trade: - LTC/DYN
Dash + Litecoin trade: - DASH/LTC
Syscoin + Dynamic trade: Continue on

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