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Looking for someone to help us launch a Dogecoin Game, is anyone interested in?

We are a small group of game developers, and are eager to build a game with Dogecoin support because as far as we know Dogecoin has a low price, and is fast to confirm, which means it is very suitable for in-game-purchase. But, our weakness is, we didn't engage too much in Dogecoin community previously. We don't even know is it good to promote our game here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The game itself is a mining simulation, and you can find more information [on this page]( Basically the player spends time (and probably a few dogies) to get a higher position on the ranking list, to share the income of the game with developers. All these payments are done on chain so you can easily verify that how much the game pays developer, and how much it pays you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
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