Looking for people helping test my game


(I have removed the link to prevent this post getting removed. Can send me the message or comment and I will comment the link. Sorry. It is my first time posting in this community and I am not sure of the rule)

I have been curious about the crypto thing and in the last several weeks, I have been reading and exploring it. As developer, I always want to test and build something out of what I learn. So I spent 2 weeks on my free time coding a basic prototype of pool betting game. The game will ONLY and ONLY support DOGE.

The feature is very basic and I am looking for people to help me testing the game out. I am looking for 10 people helping testing the game and giving me feedback. You get some incentives:

  • You will get free 100 DOGE every month for testing for 3 months. I know this incentive is too small for your valuable time, but I am pretty poor.
  • We will have your name in our hall of fame as people who help contribute permanently.

How to join:
- Join our Discord
- Or comment your username here.

Long-terms Plan for this project
I am not even sure what is the long-term plan. The main objective is to create a fun land for crypto people. I will try to consistently add more things for year and I believe if I am consistent with my commit, there are some chance the project can be successful.