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It's amazing seeing Doge separate itself from the pack, but I'm slowly deciphering the Whale Bots Algorithm that are controlling ALL crypto.

They sell in synchronized increments, watch the investors response per coin and respond accurately. I'm a software engineer and this has me extremely fascinated. The only thing that throws off the algorithm is news like Coinbase today. Stay tuned, because I have my bots capturing all the data, using multiple API'S and if it's something I think we can beat or even something we can use against them, I'll share it. If it's more complicated than that, I'll reach out to some trusted hardcores and see if we can turn the cards on them on the down low. Or use their algorithm against them, sending their bots into a buying frenzy, on coins we can walk them into that have a low enough market cap. I may be new to Crypto. Not new to these calculated attacks that are obviously software driven. The game is not being played fair. And this is not just a Doge problem.
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