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Is there fees when retriving coins from a paper wallet

also do I need to type in the whole private key or is there a way I can use the qr code
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If it wasn't for Dogecoin, I would have never been able to make it through a tough spot in life, but because of Doge, I am at a point where I can run a kickstarter to publish my first large book. It's a DnD 5e book of all new stuff. Check it out if you wanna see something doge helped lead to!

James is raising funds for The Elegant Fount on Kickstarter! An RPG splat book using the OGL for the greatest role playing game ever made with new classes, backgrounds, items, spells, and lore.
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WazirX lists Cartesi (CTSI)

WazirX, the popular Indian crypto exchange with functionalities for seamless buying, selling, and trading of, has listed Cartesi (CTSI). Cartesi bridges Linux and blockchain environments for the creat...