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I sold some of my beloved Dogecoin today because I had to pay some stupid bills. But that's not gonna stop me from tipping you. Comment and say ANYTHING.

Dogecoin was good to me over the years and allowed for me to have some cheap internet tipping money, as well as pay off some bills. Today, for the first time in 7.5 years, I cashed out some Dogecoin to help pay for some projects I'm doing at my house. The only reason I will cash is when I need it to actually pay for something and don't have the money in my bank account (which I intentionally keep low because crypto is superior). ​ You may or may not get a tip based on my evaluation of your accounts Karma/Age and this thread probably won't last long so upvote for quick visibility to help noobs. Say "Hi" or "WoW" or "anything" and get a tip! EDIT 3: GIVEAWAY OVER, Thanks for coming, I'm wore out and beat today! EDIT: ---> FOR ANYONE WONDERING HOW TIPPING WORKS OR WHAT THE BOT IS, GO CHECK THE WIKI HERE: [(60) index - sodogetip (]( ​ EDIT 2: DEVS, SINCE THIS IS GETTING A LITTLE TRACTION MAYBE YOU WILL FINALLY SEE MY REQUEST TO ADD LINKS TO THE SIDEBAR TO /r/SODOGETIP'S BOT WIKI AND A LINK TO +BALANCE MESSAGE PROMPT LIKE WE USE TO HAVE FOR DOGETIPBOT. ThAnKs!
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