I had a dream a week and a half ago that Doge went to $10-35…


Take this for what it’s worth…

Weekend before last I had a dream right before waking up in the morning. In the dream I was meeting a friend for lunch at some fancy restaurant.

She told me she made a fortune on Dogecoin. I said “really? Doggy coin?” And checked my phone to see it was at $10 on one exchange and $35 on another.

I was shocked because last I had checked, it was 10 cents.

Then I woke up.

I actually immediately bought $250 worth at 7.5 cents and then another $300 last weekend at 7 cents.

7500 something coins total.

So this and $12 worth of shib and $25 worth of Bitcoin are the extent of my crypto lotto holdings.

I sold off all my crypto early last year after having a similar dream where I woke up in the dream, checked my phone and my crypto holdings had had lost 90%. I remember seeing $600 balance on my phone. I woke up.

Still at $6k and I sold right there. Saved myself from the 2022 bear market lows as I was mostly in alt coins.

So I guess I’m back in with a little bit of doggy coin. 7500 coins or so.

True story, that’s all. Thought this group might be interested.