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I built a site that combines social media and keeps track of the most talked about ticker symbols

I built a site that takes all posts from 24 different investing subreddits as well as from thousands of popular investing twitter, YouTube, and tiktok users and places them into one searchable and organized place. While many posts may not be relevant or go unread, the idea is to be able to search for any ticker symbol, key word, or username and see relevant posts across all social media all in one place. The site keeps track of the most talked about stock ticker symbols and places them under “Trending”. The site comes with a wide range of tools to help analyze all the data and will alert you every time a new ticker symbol begins to trend with the sentiment analysis on all the posts it has collected on that ticker over the past 24 hours. Its served as a super useful tool for me for finding popular ticker symbols just as they begin to gain hype and thought it could serve you guys as well [StockCompiler]( There is also a crypto only version! [CryptoCompiler](
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