help understanding transaction in and how to interpret results

help understanding transaction in and how to interpret results

help understanding transaction in and how to interpret results

I wanted to test paper wallets and transactions from those. first I tested creating an address and receiving.

1) I created an address offline on a browser private tab with the github hosted version of 2) I sent 80 doge from binance to the new address. Transaction was succesful and verified at using the new address. It now had 80 coins.

then I tried testing sending out from this recently created wallet address

  1. I followed the instructions in this pretty old post

  2. According to what I understood in that post I had to have at least 2 receiving addresses. 1 was the original binance address set to receive 39, the other was the sending "paper wallet" address also used as source address set to receive/keep 41. The fee was set to 0 just like the old reddit post says.

  3. in the local version of I used the dogecoin for unspent outputs and broadcast.

  4. It's been over an hour and the coins are nowhere to be seen. Using the Verify option on I got the transaction ID from the encoded transaction and looked at it in It's already at 134 confirmations. The sending address (paper wallet) shows up with 80 coins. The receiving (binance) address does NOT show up in the details of the transaction.

  5. using blockchair the paper address seems to still have the 80 coins. Binance has not received anything.

  6. but if I try a new transaction on when I try to load the value of the coins in the paper wallet, it says "zero" with blockchair, "unexpected error" with blockcypher, and "80" with

so it seems I did something wrong. Based on a newer post I found, I am assuming it has something to do with the ZERO fee, but I am not sure. So what happens next? Did I lose the coins or will they timeout and go back to the source?

thank you.

Edit: I just realized the explorers at each site show different information. i went to the explorer and searched for the 2 addresses and they indeed show up there. But display 0/6 confirmations. Is this because of the 0 fee? if yes, how do can I figure out what the correct fee should be for my next test?

Edit2: further looking into the info I can find on the transaction it says

"confidence = 25%,

Miner Preference = low,

Amount Transacted = 80.0 DOGE,

Fees = 0.0 DOGE,

Received = about 2 hours ago,

Confirmations = 0/6,

Size = 226 bytes"