Guide to protecting your Dogecoin Wallet

22D Ago
Hello my name is Rafael i am c++ developer and in this topic i will give you some tips to protect your wallet **Dogecoin** is a currency that has a system based on that of **Satoshi Nakamoto** but with a differential that is the agility that its blocks are mined and its relatively low rate The first thing you should know is that if you don't have the wallet's private key, it's not yours. \- Store your assets in a secure wallet hosted on your disk and if you need to make practical transactions you can generate or import one wallet fastest in Serpens \- When generating the wallet address, you should not share it with anyone, we recommend saving it in a safe place such as a USB stick \- Beware of Phishing Scam being one of the most used methods by scammers, phishing is a fraudulent website or application that aims to trick you into putting your data to pay off your balance later.