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Dogecoin's biggest bullish catalyst is the reestablishment of a central development team. Notable members include Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, who joined The Dogecoin Foundation's board of directors last month per reported as of Sep 14, 2021. More: 1. Robinhood wallets 2. Verifone partnership w/ Bitpay 3. AMC Entertainment is likely to Accept Dogecoin as payment by year's end. 4. Doge-Ethereum Bridge Collaboration - DogeLabs to Explore DOGE-ETH Bridge for Defi Staking, and DOGE Burn Wallet 5. Tesla/Doge is likely to Accept Dogecoin as payment per survey 6. SpaceX/DOGE-1 mission to moon paid for completely in Dogecoin 7. Dogecoin VISA Credit Card 8. Dogecoin code 1.14.5 - with super low fee, faster speed transaction and more environmentally friendly or efficient, this could potentially a big factor for businesses to adopt Dogecoin as a form of payment sooner than later 9. Dogepalooza could add more tailwind for DOGE 10. Stronger community/support In our toughest moments, we will fight, we will struggle, and we will triumph...often against the odds. Good luck to Doge fam!
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