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DOGE · 209w - DOGE ICO Accepted for Gamerbits Asian eSportscoin

Good day to everyone, we are the international marketing team for Gamerbits (GBTS) ( and we are excited to announce our currency project & limited (capped) crowdsale that is LIVE RIGHT NOW! 26% SOLD OUT ALREADY, ICO CLOSES 9/10/17 Gamerbits Vision

The vision and goal of this currency project is to pursue untapped potential in the eSports / video gaming industry, by dedicating ourselves to customizing / translating software, pursuing partnerships, providing sponsorships, organizing events, to bring (our) cryptocurrency to the forefront of the ever-growing, billion-dollar competitive gaming Industry. Our focused vision includes many plans around China and other parts of Asia, which makes up over half of the total revenue in this industry.

The Token

Gamerbits (GBTS) is an Ethereum-based ec20 token. Previous, testing versions were created using the Bitcoin blockchain, on the Omni Protocol, and additional tests were done with Litecoin. However, Ethereum was finally chosen as our platform of choice, for its speed, efficiency and easy integration into many cryptocurrency exchanges online.

The Market

Thus far, no major eSports currency has taken a dominant market share in the billion dollar eSports Industry, and we at Gamerbits feel that it is because none of them had the vision, partnerships or familiarity with the Asian markets to do so. That is where we come in. Gamerbits is focusing its vision on several of the video game titles with the largest cash prizes and followings, and certain countries including North America, China, Vietnam and several others, and onto more countries and titles as the future progresses.

As can be seen above, the market for eSports is massive and only growing, as the younger demographic takes an increasingly large foothold in the global economy, and gains an ever-increasing share of purchasing power. Therefore, the potential for a currency that caters to this growing grou...

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