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Fun facts about Bitcoin

1. Apparently people in the community are using Honey badger as the unofficial mascot of Bitcoins . 2. Apparently in 2010 due to a bug 184 billion BTC were produced :joy: , don't be so happy guys this error is already erased . 3. The maximum number of Bitcoins is not actually 21 millions but actually 20.99 something. 4. A smaller unit than Satoshi is in use now called msat! 5. Bitcoin's uptime is covered apparently 99.99% which is supposed to be an amazing thing if a centralized body achieve it . 6. The Disappearance of Bitcoins is actually connected with CIA when a person named Gavin actually went and complained about him. - creepy - (I don't think he would have disappeared if all he did was say good things about him) 7. The first Faucets actually gave 5 BTC ! *5* to each visitor ( why did I not know of this before :sob:) 8. It is only used 10% for the crime thing ! ONLY 10% ! (For people asking me to back it up :joy: " Illegal Activity No Longer Dominant Use of Bitcoin: DEA Agent. A special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has reportedly revealed that the use of bitcoin in illegal activities has shrunk to about 10 percent from 90 percent previously.", Read about it first !) 9. There are around 70 forks related to Bitcoins. 10. Mining consumes much energy as a mid size country :sweat_smile: ( we gotta use some renewable sources soon enough ) 11. The first transaction for Bitcoins was made for PIZZA !(first time when it was used as a Currency) 12. Lightning network can hold millions of transactions per second! ( Trust me that's good ) 13 . Since 2017 the Bitcoins have achieved higher transactions compared to PayPal related to values . 14. You can gamble via Bitcoin online on a decentralized casino, EarnBet and require no KYC in the process
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