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Free dogecoin ?

Has anyone else played the "Freedogecoin" site? it is the same as the freebitcoin site. I wont mention the urls, and this is not spam. I often buy dogecoin for twice the ammount of value from a miner in egypt, on ebay. Never been an issue or a problem. I buy 1000 at a time and have it deposited into the freedogecoin site, and play the multiply game. I am usually successful at this, and have never had a payout problem with this site, as they have deposited my winnings in my DOGE wallet every time now. My issue is this... When I copy the dogecoin address, from the "deposit" area, and then paste it into a notepad, or to the person I am buying it from, a completely different address is pasted. I lost money one time from this. At first I thought it was a virus on my puter. However, 5 different computers, and they all have the same issue. A different deposit address each time, using copy and paste. I looked into the html, and see the issue is on the Freedogecoin website, which is inserting a different wallet address, that what is being copied. This means two things.. Either someone has hacked their website, or the owners of this site, a pretty local company, is doing this on purpose. I still have no problem making deposits to the shown address, however. And again, no problems getting payouts. Anyone else playing this, and have the same issues?
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