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Fluctuations have been part of cryptocurrencies since their debut, the normal growing pains of any new technology. The world’s financial institutions are unsure of how to respond to this new phenomena, afraid of what the consequences may be if this blockchain technology becomes mainstream, fearing the loss of the monetary power that they have enjoyed for centuries. "The genie is out of the bottle" and there is no turning back!!! Dogecoin along with a handful of other cryptocoins have the ability to survive the transformation that is taking place. Why Dogecoin? This coin procreated by the masses was born at a very opportune time, when the world's wealth is being held by approximately ten percent of the population. Dogecoin was not born of greed, it materialized because "the people" wanted an even playing field where all are given the same opportunity. Dogecoin, once a caricature has now become a symbol of hope. Never underestimate the power of a movement!!!
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Doge is gonna be huge jump on this little dip!!

In the cryptocurrency world, Dogecoin has been a staple for many different reasons. It usually bucks overall market trends, which can work in its favor or huts its appeal altogether. At the same time,...