Fake News In Crypto + Daily Market Sentiment!

5Y Ago

In addition to the technical indicators, today I included 3 charts to outline the bull/bear pressure for you. Now you have to ask yourself this question, how easy is for the market to go down and compare it to how difficult it is for the market to go up.

Do ya'll see how the charts are almost identical? This is because Bitcoin is the market driver. Since everything is measured against Bitcoin, a price change in Bitcoin tends to reflect across the entire market. This is why I am less worried around the technical indicators for ETH and LTC. If the technical indicators are bullish for BTC, ETH and LTC will likely follow, like obedient children.

Looking at the indicators, we will likely see some bearish activity today. There might be some opportunities to buy on the small dips. Overall, the clout of Bitcoin will probably be strong enough to pull everyone out.