Endless Web Worlds - Enter a new way to collaborate and explore - Engage and connect people, projects and teams throughout 2.5D worlds - Launching Now - Verified Contract.


What is endless web worlds?

EWW is built on an universe of tiny 2.5D online worlds that anyone can create individually and for free.

We are creating a platform where people can easily and amusingly learn about projects or other people.

Where teams/clans/holders can meet and have fun with various tool sets that we offer.

Build your own world, invite people, explore and have fun!

Worlds can be shared with others and can be used for many different purposes.

Project worlds

Increase audience engagement and project awareness with amusing features.

Personal worlds

Let your creation run free and impress people.

Private worlds

Hold regular private meetings with your clan, team or holders.

Fun and serious business combined

We disagree with Meta's viewpoint that a fully 3D world must be created and think a nice mix of 2D and features adapted from conventional technologies combined, like miro, mentimeter, discord, aragon and sandbox is the way to go.

Discover the EWW universe

The EWW universe is made up of many small online worlds created by various organizations such as projects. Individuals, organizations, or clans.

One world is inextricably linked to another, and you can enter another world by passing through a gate.

Build and present your world

Create a world that you like. Whether you want to create your universe alone or invite others to join you, the choice is yours. We offer a great building experience like people know it from minecraft or sandbox





Collaborate with together

Whiteboards or polls can be added to worlds to offer a stimulating environment for brainstorming and collaboration. People can collaborate on such whitboards depending on the arrangement. Projects are able to offer their ideas to their audience in a transparent manner and whenever someone is interested.



Retro boards

Exciting events and an unusual way to present

EWW events are a big component of getting people interested in worlds. For this reason, EWW holds regularly scheduled activities, and other planets are free to organize their own. Projects can provide information or milestones to interested parties in a novel but thrilling manner.

Discord integration.


Sticker emotes.

Earn rewards with $EWW

In order to make the worlds engaging and exciting for participants, EWW offers opportunities for earning rewards. To do this, we create a cryptocurrency called $EWW that allows users to benefit from their engagement, events, and a variety of other activities.


Beat enemies.

Win minigames.

Contract Address: 0x6083b55e10831709117543FaaE6476281e3DD732

Website: https://endless-worlds.online/