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Elon Musk And His Plan With DOGE! (Broken down step by step)

I have spent hours looking at the tweets, research crypto and blockchain, learning about the economy and I believe I have pieced it all together. Elon Musk has rooted for Doge. Why would one of the richest man in the world root for something that was made as a joke? Because it is things that start as a joke that get underrated. That gives value to something that everyone else laughs at. Elon is not someone you can laugh and and underestimate cause he will turn around and rub that in your face later. So how does it all piece together? First you have to understand why the interest in cryptocurrency. The U.S keeps printing more money for the pandemic. The more money printed the less the value of the dollar. If you have 10 apples, you can give some away and be fine. But if you only have one... the value of that one becomes really big cause it's your only one. That's what happens to the dollar. The more inflation there is the more the national debt rises. If I were to ask the gov, show me the proof that you have the means to back up this debt in physical value... they can't. Cause they don't the right amount of gold of physical value to say "hey yeah dude we can pay our national debt off". If you look at history, the debt has only grown. It never shrinks. Because we keep printing more money and there will come a time where the economy will crash because of this. So to sum that part up. The more the debt increases the less the dollar has value and the bigger the economic crash will be. Who will be hit hardest? The common people. You and me. Rich folks will be fine. Do you see how Doge "the people's coin" fits in yet? Let me break it down even more. In a world where everything is digital and we interact more with computerized systems than actual humans, that gives the digital world value. But before crypto there was no way to create digital value. Speaking of value, the only reason why we got off the gold standard was to get out of the Great Depression. A Depre...
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