Dose of Reality + Caution


Dose of Reality + Caution

Hi all,

Used to post stuff like this here a year ago to warn a lot of hopeful longs about Doge.

Felt compelled to come back given the price action to let you all know what is actually happening. Some of you may already see what is happening if you were around for the SNL pump.

"But it's different this time", no it's not.

What is happening is a very old and very effective pump and dump on a catalyst.

A market maker, or someone with equal knowledge of how to architect a pump, will use a catalyst to throw large volume into the asset. This will not occur in a single transaction, but over the period of weeks. Retail FOMO's in and when the bag is fat, said MM will sell off into retail. The cycle will repeat as many times as retail is willing.

For more on this, you can research OTC pink sheet pump and dumps.

This pump is using the Twitter acquisition as a catalyst. Anyone with access to a minute chart should be able to identity the transactions I am talking about, just need to look at the volume.

Doge is particularly prone to these working because 1) The pool of retail participants are mostly new and are full of hope, 2) They have attached emotion / having fun to the asset; even developing a community.

The cherry on top, and what gives YOU as a retail investor a major disadvantage is that the Crypto market is unregulated. There are no circuit breakers or insurance to protect your investment.

Let me be perfectly clear, this is a market makers dream; retail is at a major disadvantage.

Just a warning that this will dump, and if you are in for a trade - then size out and take profits as you see fit. Again, this WILL dump. Nobody can tell you exactly when, but you can look at price action for the last several years in Doge to get a sense of timing before a rug pull.

Good luck