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Dogecoin used More Than Bitcoin Cash Despite Hard Fork Drama

While the Bitcoin Cash hash war is going on, Dogecoin is silently still dominating Bitcoin Cash in the number of transactions.

The Bitcoin Cash community has split into two parties the BCH SV and BCH ABC clients which is going to result in a Hard fork. There has been a lot of buying and selling activity prior to the fork in the exchanges despite which BCH is still not able to beat DOGE in the number of transactions.

According to data from, Dogecoin has consistently dominated Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with more than twice the number of transactions on the network. The big spike in September that is observed in the chart was a result of a stress test on the Bitcoin Cash network. Apart from that DOGE has always stayed ahead in transaction activity.


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While other communities are squabbling amongst each other, Dogecoin continues to have a friendly and strong community. Even though it was started as a joke, because of the strong decentralized community behind it Dogecoin thrives to stay in the top 25 Cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin only lost in popularity to Bitcoin Cash recently with the whole Bitcoin Cash hard fork drama. Otherwise, Dogecoin has been way more popular than Bitcoin Cash which is clearly visible with the data by Google.

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With products like DogePal, Dogecoin adoption as payment is set to grow substantially. The DOGE developers continue to stay in BUIDL mode to ship the next 1.14 client update to the network. The Doge Ethereum Bridge also currently remains in the Alpha stage, once it is built users will be able to seamlessly transfer DOGE to the Ethereum Blockchain and back.

DOGE is currently the 25th largest Cryptocurrency with a market cap of $318 Billion. After the flash crash yesterday DOGE bottomed at $0.0025 and has picked back up to $0.0027.

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