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Dogecoin the underrated and undervalued cryptocurrency

With every passing month the odds of massive inflation in the United States taking a toll on the U.S. dollar is becoming more evident, the amazing future of cryptocurrencies and all blockchain technologies more certain than ever. One coin that has been dismissed as a consequential player in this new monetary world that is quickly approaching is Dogecoin. This crypto coin has had a rocky road, constantly disparaged, devastated by pumps and dumps and attacks depicting it as a joke, all of which have resulted in a deflated price per coin. A lesser cryptocurrency would not have survived, quietly disappearing into oblivion, forever forgotten. But Dogecoin has grit and more importantly substance. Here is a coin that has what it takes to make an important contribution to the overall well-being and enrichment of populations across the globe, bringing into the financial arena hundreds of millions disenfranchised that have suffered for centuries, been ostracized, remaining on the outskirts of society. It bears repeating one more time that Doge has a solid platform, strong safety protocols, fast transaction speeds and very reasonable fees, all the prerequisites necessary to propel this underrated, undervalued cryptocurrency to a prominent role in a blockchain monetary system. Detractors will regret not to having the foresight to see the vast potential that exists, losing out on the huge profits that will be made for those who foresaw the untapped potential that was lying just beneath the surface.
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