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Dogecoin Price Remains Stable at 60 Satoshi Despite Slightly Bearish Trend - NullTX

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always a lot of attention where Dogecoin is concerned. This “meme currency of the internet” is incredibly popular, even though its value per coin is pretty low. The current Dogecoin price market trend looks a bit bearish, although no major drops are to be expected.

Bearish Dogecoin Price Momentum Becomes Apparent

In the world of Bitcoin and altcoins, positive and negative price trends seem to occur intermittently. That is only normal, as these markets are often considered to be volatile first and foremost. After a few positive days in late 2019 and early 2019, it now seems another brief spell of negative momentum is shaping up across the markets.

As far as the Dogecoin price is concerned, the negative momentum isn’t necessarily all that bothersome just yet. There is a minor dip in USD value, yet one DOGE is still priced at $0.00238 at this time. The 1.4% deficit in DOGE/BTC is a bit more indicative of what the rest of today may offer. Maintaining a value of 60 Satoshi or higher might prove a bit challenging.

On social media, there are some peculiar discussions taking place where Dogecoin is concerned. First of all, there are some minor concerns regarding the Dogecoin-ERC20 token bridge which is under development. Since the project was initially announced, there has been somewhat of a lack of updates. Building such infrastructure takes a lot of time, thus there isn’t necessarily any real reason to panic just yet.

It would appear a slightly different kind of Dogecoin-oriented promotion is happening behind the scenes. One user claims he is seeing short Dogecoin ads in Netflix videos these days. This appears to be a clearly doctored video first and foremost, although it would be rather interesting to see the video streaming service hide such ads in their streams. For now, Netflix has not shown any interest in Dogecoin whatsoever, but that situation can always change.

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