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Dogecoin [DOGE]: Dogecoin more popular than Tron, XRP and Litecoin in terms of active address

While the media keeps praising Tron and XRP, our favourite meme cryptocurreny is more popular, in terms of active addresses, than any other cryptocurrency only to be surpassed by Bitcoin[BTC] and Ethereum[ETH].

According to data analytics firm onChainFx, Dogecoin has 72,000+ active addresses and is ranked at the third position. Above Dogecoin is Ethereum with 169K+ active address. and at the top is Bitcoin [BTC] with 521K active address.

According to onChainFx, an address is classified as an active address if that have participated in a transaction at any point in the past 24 hours. The active address does not consider private transactions, as their transaction address are hidden due to stealth technology.

Based on the above metric it is safe to say Dogecoin has more transactions in 24 hours. Dogecoin is followed by Dash with 71K+ active address, Tron [TRX] with 70K+ active address and Litecoin [LTC] with 68K active address. Lowest among the cryptocurrencies is XRP with 4K active address.

One interesting point that comes out of all this data is more and more people are transacting in Dogecoin rather than the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.0018 a 1.8% decrease in the last 24 hours. Dogecoin has a current market capitalization of $220 million. Moreover, Dogecoin’s price is still relatively stable compared to other cryptocurrencies.

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