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Hey Shibes, This is another thank you post to all those who help report scammers in this subreddit. Although it wasn't as bad as what it was a week or two ago, I can see some of you have noticed quite a few scams and have not only been calling them out but also reporting so the posts can be removed straight away. Thank you! For anyone who isn't aware. Never fall for these types of scams. * **Double your coins**. Where someone says they will double any coins you send to them. You send first. They might even start off with say 10 doge and they will double it. Then you send 1000 and they vanish. I've seen lots of sites reported and removed including one where the scammer claims that Elon Musk is giving back to the community lol. * **Buying coins but seller must use PayPal**. As soon as the transaction is done the person who bought the coins just puts a claim in to PayPal and gets their money back because there is no postage history. * **Selling coins**. It's always a matter of asking the buyer to pay first and then they run, close down all accounts and you don't see them again. /r/dogecoin is not a place for individual persons to buy or sell. If you see these posts please continue to report them. * **Would you like this T-shirt?** This is another scam where people will take your coins and you will never receive the goods. If you see any posts that have very bad spelling. What has happened is the moderators have temporality suspended some specific strings of words that the scammers are using. For example: > Se1ling 1Ok dogecoins for $10O. I just don't know where to get r1d of. let me kn0w if you n3ed it This is what a post/comment could look like when people are trying to evade and continue to scam. Some people have suggested this subreddit add account age and karma restrictions to prevent new accounts from posting. About two weeks ago this subreddit had to have this because the amount of spam and scamming was extreme. The unfortunate consequence was...
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