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Hi Shibes, A few weeks ago one of the Dogecoin developers created a post discussing a proposal to reduce dogecoin fees by 100x. You can read more about it in the link below and share your thoughts with the developers on this news. --- Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. You are dogecoin! --- Here are some links and topics that people have wanted me to post here recently. Please take a look! * [HOW TO BUY DOGECOIN GUIDE UPDATED]( - * [Such News! Are we ready for our tipbot keys?]( * [ is a list of many many many places you can spend dogecoin.]( * [Ledger - hardware wallet to keep your coins safe!]( * [Advice from a Gambling Counsellor]( - * [Looking after your mental health]( - * [Being aware of scammers]( * [Another Shibe wrote a post about being aware of scams.]( - * [[email protected] ([email protected]) and GitHub are NOT Doge helplines!]( * [From 7 years ago. An open letter to the Dogecoin community from co-founder Billy Markus]( * [Had a few people ask me to mention this petition to get Amazon to accept dogecoin]( --- Don't forget to report posts and comments you think are not approp...
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